Thursday, August 31, 2006

An Early Tribute to 9/11 and all its baggage

Dear Mr. President,

I have never held much stock in patriotic nationalism. I have read too many history lessons to miss the bloodshed it fueled in the 20th century. Yet as I watched the fireworks this 4th of July, I could not help but feel compelled to stand in admiration of the country. My cynical side quickly berated me not to buy in, not to let my feelings become an avenue for control and political gain. I considered my reaction for a moment and was angered to realize that I have been ashamed of my country for too many years.
The background music spoke of a country that the world dreamed of joining, a country of accessible opportunity and justice for all and I was angry because I had to wonder if it was still true.
There are many things about your administration that I have deplored; your mismanagement of Iraq, your poor response to Katrina, and your disrespect for civil liberties and the environment. I am fortunate to say that these things have not impacted my own life, but this last insult I cannot sustain. Please do something Mr. President; I want to love my country again.