Thursday, October 12, 2006


Someone very close to me recently posted this on a blog where they knew a certain someone else would see it.

Wanted: One Angela Carroll
SWM humbly seeks vivacious sexy SWF for lifelong intimacy. Must love cats and want children. nsnd

Further requirements:
Must accept and project self as complementary and equal partner.
Must support author's ambitions to moderately impact the world and believe in him when he loses faith in himself. (similar support will be returned).
Must challenge author's unexamined assumptions about society, the environment, sexuality, and overly ripe bananas.
Willingness to laugh at mediocre jokes a plus.
Must be a whole person or strongly motivated to work on it.
Willingness to try new things a big plus.

To apply send your resume contact you local ticket agent post your own set of life needs. Finalists will be personally visited for face-to-face and other intimate interviews. All decisions are binding.